Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Call Verizon (then call your mother)

If you've had high-speed Internet for a while, you should call your Cable or DSL provider and ask about upgrading.

We've been paying for Verizon 1.5MBit DSL service for a couple of years, and a couple of years is a long time in the technology world. So I emailed Verizon, they eventually emailed back and told me to call them, I call and get lost in their robot phone system but persist and eventually get a very nice and efficient customer service person who switches me to a 7MBit plan that costs only $1 more per month. With a special offer of "first six months only $30/month".

So starting Friday I'll be blogging four times as fast!

Unless Verizon screws something up and I can't get on the Internet at all. Nah, that'd never happen...


Abbie said...

Did they have to come to the house and fiddle with cables or is it just a flick of a switch somewhere distant?

Gavin Andresen said...

They SAID it's just a flick of a switch (with at MOST 15 minutes of downtime on Friday; I guess it is a big switch that takes a while to flick).

But I got a new DSL modem from them today via UPS, which makes me nervous.

Gavin Andresen said...

The good news: my DSL modem tells me connection is much faster.

The bad news: I've got to call Verizon and figure out how to return the extra DSL modem they sent that I didn't ask for (and that they want to charge me $30 for).