Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yay Amherst Public Works!

In a previous blog post, I said that Guilford Mooring is my favorite Town employee. I think the entire Public Works department deserves praise for their quick response to problems that have been brought to their attention:
  • Painting crosswalks in front of the Chinese Charter School
  • Adjusting the traffic cushions on Lincoln Avenue
  • Fixing the potholes on Hulst road
Thanks! I know I suffer from negativity bias-- I tend to complain about things I don't like, but keep quiet about things I do like. Maybe it's the computer programmer in me, always looking for software bugs to be fixed...

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Larry Kelley said...

Yeah, and they are working on ways to use water effluent (that the Gazette seems to think is worthless)in a variety of ways around town to conserve the more expensive potable water.