Thursday, May 24, 2007

I almost fell asleep...

I found myself yawning through Town Meeting last night, and, unlike previous Town Meeting nights, had no trouble falling asleep when I got home.

Kind of ironic; you'd think I'd be up all night worrying about my safety after all the talk about how cutting our First Responders would put the public at risk.

I voted (ineffectively-- the motion was defeated) to give Amherst Police the $100,000 we cut out of the budget the other night. I was swayed by the argument that restoring money to the police was the #1 item on the Town Manager's "to be restored" list in case the override succeeded.

Guilford Mooring, head of Amherst Public Works, is now my favorite town employee. I hope somebody grabs the Town Meeting video footage and posts his straightforward, no-nonsense, absolutely-no-regard-for-political-consequences answer to the question last night about line and crosswalk painting in town and posts it to YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Gilford Mooring: a person who appears in front of Town Meeting without self-righteousness, without whining and without beginning his remarks with a story about himself.

He must be from some place else.

Alisa V. Brewer said...

You do realize he lives in Hadley, right -- having at one point lived in Amherst? It's probably one of the things that helps him keep his sanity (although Hadley politics are a whole other can of worms, he surely doesn't have time for them!)