Friday, September 07, 2007

Australian Humor

One of the benefits of having Australian relatives (Uncle, Aunt, and cousins) is that the kids regularly get Australian picture books.

The latest is "In the Bush: Our Holiday at Wombat Flat." It's kind of an Australian version of "Where's Waldo", only instead of geeky looking people in stripey hats, it's full of beer-drinking people doing all sorts of dangerous and politically incorrect things.

The Andresen household gives it four thumbs up, even though it has words we don't understand (what the heck is a "hoon"?), and even though we're probably missing half the jokes.

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Anonymous said...

A hoon is generally an out of control teenager driver who drives his (they are usually male) car recklessly, especially revving engines, doing burn-outs (spinning the wheels until tyre runner is burnt onto the roadway) and racing up and down streets.
cheers mate.