Monday, February 01, 2010

What part of "shall make no law" don't you understand?

I don't understand the liberal angst over the recent Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to spend money on political campaigns.

I thought it particularly ironic when my local newspaper ran an editorial saying that allowing corporations to endorse or malign political candidates will skew the democratic process.

From the Massachusetts Corporations Division database:
The exact name of the Domestic Profit Corporation: DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE, INC.
Entity Type: Domestic Profit Corporation
The Gazette routinely endorses candidates and takes political positions. I guess it is OK if you're the right KIND of corporation?

Maybe we could all vote to decide what KIND of corporation should be allowed to spend money to promote their views. I can see it now: Amherst Overwhelmingly Votes to Ban Fox News from Local Cable.

The Supreme Court made the right decision. If you don't like the way a corporation is behaving, then take your business elsewhere. Don't try to pass laws that limit how or when groups of people can get together, pool their money and try to get a message out.

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