Saturday, April 25, 2009

Drugs! On the Common!

So I was driving to the Mall to buy Will new soccer stuff, and had completely forgotten that ExtRavaGanja is happening downtown today until I drove past the Common and saw all the, uh, interesting-looking people walking around.

I've never actually been to the Amherst ganja festival; I don't like crowds or loud music, and I decided halfway through college that I don't need or want any mind-altering substances. My mind is just fine the way it is; altering it made it different, but not better. Well, except for caffeine. It makes me perky. Oh, and beer and hard cider. They're tasty.

Anyway, I'll enjoy Extravaganja from a distance again this year. I've loaded up the soundtrack to Weeds (Soundtrack: highly recommended. Series: season 1 was great, then it went downhill) on my iPod so I can groove to Ganja Babe as I take down our storm windows.

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