Friday, February 20, 2009

Biking in Solvang

The Tour of California bike race is happening as I write this, and today's stage is a 15-mile time trial in Solvang.

That brings back lots of memories; in high school I lived at 1980 Alamo Pintado Road. Today Lance Armstrong will be racing up that street!

They'll be following the route of what was my favorite ride-- from my house up into Los Olivos, then up a short hill and down Ballard Canyon road, through Solvang, and back up Alamo Pintado road to home. There's a really fun, fast, almost-hairpin turn on Ballard Canyon road that was covered in gravel one day... I still have some faint scars on my knee from the crash ("merely a flesh wound"). Google Street View took a nice picture of it:

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It's a beautiful ride; on cold days near the end of winter like today I do miss California weather.

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Google's Street View is getting a really impressive amount of coverage lately in areas outside major cities - even in Amherst (