Saturday, June 21, 2008

New (for me) way of blowing off telemarketers...

May I speak to Mr. or Mrs. Anderson?
This is Mr. An DREE sen.
Oh, sorry about that. My name is blah, I'm calling on behalf of Comcast with a valuable offer for you, but first I need to ask you if it's all right if this call is recorded for quality assurance purposes.
Recorded? No.
May I ask why?
I just don't like being recorded.
At this point the telemarketer person (who sounds like a very pleasant young woman) seems a little stunned. I hate telemarketing calls, but I try not to be rude to telemarketers-- they're just ordinary people trying to make some money. So I tell her that I'd be happy to read about the wonderful offer if they sent me information in the mail, she directs me to the Comcast web site, and our little conversation ends.

I'm disappointed I couldn't think of a more creative reason for not wanting to be recorded. It would've been more fun to say something like:
I'm a pastafarian, and some of us believe that our souls are carried in our voices, and I don't want part of my soul imprisoned forever.
Or maybe:
Greedy corporations steal my labor, I'm not about to let them steal my words, too!
Maybe I'll go browse some tinfoil-wearing-hat websites later to get some more ideas...

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