Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Supreme Court impresses me

The Supreme Court of the United States listened to arguments yesterday morning about whether or not the second amendment is an individual right to bear arms. I think gun control isn't a black-or-white issue, so I went looking for a summary of the arguments.

I found something much better! The Supreme Court posts transcripts of oral arguments the same day they're heard on their web site (the second amendment case is "07-290. District of Columbia v. Heller").

I'm impressed. If the Supreme Court was like most government bureaucracies, transcripts would have to go through some lengthy approval process before being made available to the public. During business hours, Tuesdays through Thursdays. In the basement of the main office in Washington, DC...

PS: as for what's going to happen in this particular case: I have no idea. It was a very lively discussion, and I thought the lawyer for Heller did a better job than the lawyers for either the District of Columbia or the Department of Justice.

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