Monday, February 11, 2008

Would it be evil if...

I sent email to my State Representative a couple of months ago, asking for some general information about the State budget. I followed up by sending her snail-mail a couple of weeks ago, asking the same questions, but still haven't had a response.

I'd like to figure out if she's ignoring me or if, maybe, she's just overwhelmed with mail. Would it be evil of me to send another email asking, say, what the campaign donation limit is for State campaigns, and if it's too early to donate to her election campaign, and then seeing how long it takes to get a response?

It's sneaky, and potentially embarrassing, and kinda mean, so I'm reluctant to do it.

But I'm really, really tempted...

UPDATE 16 Feb: I gave into temptation, and sent her another email a few days ago. No reply yet, so maybe she just doesn't respond to email. Or postal mail. I suppose I could call her and ask her about the State Budget, but I kinda doubt she's got all the numbers memorized.

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Larry Kelley said...

Well you should have showed up at the Deval rally for Obama on the steps of Town Hall last week, or the Congregational Church winter dunk at Puffer's Pond last month to protest Global Warming and you could have asked her in person.