Friday, March 23, 2007

I should change my name again

The Amherst Bulletin came out today, with all the Town Meeting candidate statements in an ad sponsored by the Leage of Women Voters.

Perhaps predictably, they misspelled my name: "Gavin Andersen". They also split the URL for this blog into "", which is wrong twice: is some guy in China, and (sport instead of spot) doesn't exist.

I'm sympathetic; it's hard to get everything right. I REALLY feel bad for Adam Siegel, who was listed as being in Precint 2 for a while when he's really in Precint 9-- an error that carried over to the LWV ad.

I think there's a lesson here about the wisdom of central planning and control. There was some hard-working, earnest person at the League of Women Voters who had the unenviable job of transcribing the 100-or-so candidate statements into whatever format the Gazette required. Next election I'll volunteer to create an online form for them, so each candidate can be responsible for getting their own information exactly right.

Update: Sharon Vardatiro in Precint 2 reports that she hand-delivered her statement to the LWV... and is listed with the wrong address and as a "no response" candidate.

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