Thursday, November 09, 2006

Minimum Wage... yee-haw!

The democrats wanna raise the minimum wage. Sigh.

They complain about the destruction of Main Street and the rise of Wal-Mart, and then go and pass laws that hurt small businesses and help MegaBusiness. Like raising the minimum wage (Mega Retailers use fewer employees to sell more stuff, so they're hurt less when the minimum wage goes up). Or passing Yet More Regulations (National Retailer has a fleet of lawyers on staff to figure out how to comply).

Here's an experiment you can try at home: Pretend you're a poor-but-motivated entrepeneur, and you decide to stop working at Mega-Mart and instead start a small business in your apartment-- maybe cutting your neighbor's hair.

Ok, now go figure out: a) is it legal for you to cut hair for money in your town/city/state? b) what tax forms are you required to fill out? c) are you breaking any zoning laws?

Pretend you don't have a few hundred dollars to ask a lawyer and an accountant what the answers are...

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